Do you ship internationally?

Starting on April 14th, 2013 we ship via DHL Worldwide Express, which takes 3-4 days to deliver. We ship to European countries, Australia, and New Zealand. The cost for international DHL shipping to these countries is $25.

Duties/Customs and taxes are paid by the recipient and are not covered by the purchase price or shipping costs.

If you would like to receive a Don't Panic case in a country not listed above please e-mail us at shipping@dontpanicproject.com

Since it is made of felt will the Don't Panic cause my iPad to get too hot?

Nope. The iPad3 runs hotter than the iPad2 due to changes that Apple made to the hardware, but the Don't Panic case will not cause your iPad to run too hot. We've surveyed most of our customers about their experience with the case and nobody pointed to this as an issue.

What iPad versions is this case compatible with?

iPad2, iPad (3rd Gen), and iPad (4th Gen) or "iPad with Retina Display"

I can't fit my iPad into my case. What's up with that?

It's a tight fit the first time around to ensure that it will be snug fit in the long run. Unless you have an iPad1. If you have an iPad1 it won't fit and you can return your case for a refund.

Is there a camera hole in the back?

The Don't Panic Case has been updated with a camera hole on the back!

Are you working on an iPad mini case?

Yes. But we won't release it until it's perfect. To be informed as soon as we release it please sign-up for our newsletter on the bottom right of this page. If you are interested in testing an early prototype email us at hello@dontpanicproject.com