Below is a brief intro to using the Don't Panic iPad case. If you are a current user and think you've discovered a neat position please email us here or post it to our Facebook page. We may include it and name it after you!


Don't Panics have a smart steel-reinforced A-frame structure that is highly adjustable for countless usage angles. They make use of a "magic strap" containing a magnet for excellent stability and versatility.
Portrait mode works too.


For typing attach the magic strap to the bottom of the steel slider and drape over knees.
For reading or watching video adjust the magic strap upwards a bit and arrange the case and knees as shown.
To get really down and drowsy adjust the magic strap towards the bottom of the steel slider and pull the steel slider into the down position.


For a sufficiently safe mount we recommend attaching the magic strap on top of your fridge door with the magnet on the bottom and the metal snap on top.
With the steel slider in the down position you can bend the back of the case to prop your iPad against the fridge.
Ok. Done. Now what's for dinner?


To make a hand loop on the back of the case arrange the magnet in the magic strap as shown.
You can read right side up or let 'er hang with this loop, adjusting the size of the loop to fit your hand.


Adjust the magic strap as shown.
Slide your hand through and start reading until you need to switch to another position…
…which could be in portrait mode. Nice!


When all you've got to leisure on is a chair, this position will be a welcome companion.
Adjust the steel slider to the down position and wrap the magic strap around your leg.
Attach the magical strap to the steel slider on the back of the case. Now you can enjoy your coffee or a light snack while catching up on some essential reading


Do you ever feel a bit anxious when you disconnect from your device? Even panicked perhaps when it's been too long?
If that is the case we recommend that when you take a break from your device, you turn it over.
And Don't Panic!